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BILDES 2008 291

Skruberis DN8000 H17000

Manufacturing of scrubber DN8000 , H 17 000 at Chelyabinsk region Russia

The company is certified according to ISO standards

1. Quality.

Company with a fiberglass products manufacturing deals since 1993. year.
We are a company that is well established fiberglass manufacturing market in Europe.
Our success is based on a professional and creative staff.
Each of our employee responsible for the quality of their work.

2. Development.

We are creating a market, we are planning for tomorrow's demand.
Our goal is a satisfied customer and our clients are our partners.
Our activities are focused on our customers' understanding and performance.
Our future profits and ensure satisfied customers.
Our success is based on continuous improvement of process efficiency.
We gain a profit which is the basis for our further development.

3. Responsibility.

Each company employee is responsible for his actions, always keeping in mind that all work together to create your company's image, its reputation.
Run the company binding legislation and other requirements.

4th Environment and working environment.

Provide a safe working environment for workers.
Rational use of resources and reduce pollution - we care for the environment.


BV Certification ISO9001 
BV Certification ISO14001 
OHSAS 18001



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