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BILDES 2008 291

Skruberis DN8000 H17000

Manufacturing of scrubber DN8000 , H 17 000 at Chelyabinsk region Russia

Quality control is very important, therefore our quality inspectors monitor manufacturing of products, by starting with inspection of raw materials, control of manufacturing process up to the complex inspection of finished products.


Product drawings are created electronically. Before manufacturing of product the drawings are sent through e-mail to customer for approval.

Prior to delivery of drawings for manufacturing, they are inspected one more time.

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For technical cuttings of each product there is burnt out the resin layer, and quality inspector checks compliance of glass fibre layers to drawing.

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Thickness of products is checked with magnetic flux density meter.

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Inspection of product hardness with BARCOL hardness tester.


BV Certification ISO9001 
BV Certification ISO14001 
OHSAS 18001



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