Horizontal Tanks

In production unit of Ltd. “Valmiera-Andren"  are manufactured horizontal liquid storage tanks of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in various diameter and volume  (1m3 - 200m3), which mainly are intended for storage of chemicals with temperature range from -40°C up to +120°C. Horizontal reservoirs due to its small height mainly are selected for placement in premises.
The main application types of reservoirs:
Storage of chemicals.
Storage of various types of water (drinking, fire fighting, rain, sewage)
Storage of food products
Storage of petroleum products (except petrol). 
Advantages of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) material: 
Excellent chemical resistance towards various aggressive substances, where other materials are non-persistent.
High ratio of mechanic strength – weight (2.5 – 7.5 times stronger than steel). 
Small coefficient of thermal expansion.
Long service life – excellent resistance to material aging and impact of atmospheric effects.
Monolithic bulky constructions.
Is not required often maintenance. 
Ends of reservoir - elliptic.
Supports – placed longitudinally or perpendicularly, of glass reonforced plastic, wood or concrete.
Cylindrical parts are manufactured with winding method, but attachments and connections – with contact forming method.
It is possible insulation of product with polyurethane foam plates, to which glass reinforced plastic is glued.
It is possible to provide electrical, water or steam systems for maintenance of constant temperature. 
Information, required for performance of product strength calculation and product cost calculation:
Size of product, m3.
Desirable diameter or height of product.
Substance, intended for storage.
Location of product (in premises, external environment, in the earth).
Actual size of working overpressure.
Actual size of working vacuum.
Actual temperature of working environment, °C.
Need for insulation.
Requirement of stairs, rails.
Painting requirements (colour).

DN2500 Kimikaliju tverne 18m3

Tank of chemicals 18m3 DN2500

(Delivery to Russia

Horizontala tvertne Kemira

 Reservoir 30m3 

(Delivery to Russia)

DN2800 Dzeramā udens tvertne uz lietuvu

Storage tank for drinking water 50m3
DN 2800 (Delivery to Lithuania)