Gas ducts of and chimneys of reinforced glass plastic are used everywhere, where is required transportation of gasses with high content of moisture. Composite materials, used by us, are very resistant to condensates.

We have produces ducts of the different diameters and of irregular shapes. They are used for transportation of the various range of gasses, for example, for transportation of HCl vapours, H2SO4 vapours SO2/SO3 in both electricity production and metallurgy industry companies. Gas temperatures can reach +150°C and more.

Application of glass reinforced plastic ensures fast assemblage, long life cycle of product and easy maintenance.

Gāzes kanāli 
Gas channels and scrubber
(Delivery to Sweden)
Gāzu kondensators 
Gas condenser
(Delivery to Sweden)
Inlet barrel DN1200  specialy designed  for non turbulent flow delivery to Sweden 
Quench-tower DN1200
(Delivery to Sweden)
Gas duct DN 2800
(Assemblage in the Netherlands)
Gas duct DN 1200 with transition
to square silencer 
Gas duct DN 2200
Compensator connection between
two gas ducts DN 2000
Square gas duct
(Delivery to Sweden)
Kvenčers 63m3
Quench-tower 63 m3
(Delivery to Sweden)