For recirculation of chemicals and atmospheric protection "Valmiera-Andren" Ltd. offers its experience in manufacturing of flue gas cleaning equipment – flue gas condensers (scrubbers).
Since 1998 we have produced flue gas condensers (scrubbers) of various application and sizes. Among our customers are metallurgy, paper and pulp manufacturing companies, electricity generating companies, meat processing plants, boilers, etc.
Waste incineration plants are our dominant customer in the Baltic Sea region.
We have manufactured both fixed and freely standing glass reinforced fibre constructions from diameter of 600 mm and height of 3 meters up to diameter of 6 meters and height of 25 meters. Gas, which enters into flue gas condenser (scrubber), is cooled in pre-cooler (quench-tower) even from temperature of +180 grades. By collecting obtained heat and transferring into total heating system, there can be increased power of heating device. And, what is the most important, there is substantial decrease of harmful substances, which flow out into environment.
We cooperate with Latvian and Scandinavian leading companies of technologies in designing of such equipment. 
Scrubber DN3800 H=20600
(Assemblage in Sweden)
Scrubber DN3000
(Delivery to Sweden)
SkruberisDN8000 H17000 3
(Manufacturing of Scrubber DN8000 H=17000
 at Chelyabinsk region Russia)
Quench tower DN2200 H=4000 
t = +180 °C (Denmark)
(Manufacturing of Scrubber DN8000 H=17000
 at Chelyabinsk region Russia)
Scrubber DN4500-6000


Scrubber DN 5000 H=17000 (Transportation to the Netherlands)

Radscan skruberis

Scrubber DN 5000 H=20000 and quench-tower (Assemblage in Sweden)

Skruberis DN4000

Scrubber DN 4000 (Delivery to Sweden)

Quench-tower DN3600 H=12000, (Assemblage in Sweden)
Scrubber DN4500-6000
(Installation in Sweden)
Scrubber DN 5000 H=17000 (Assemblage in the Netherlands)
Scrubber DN5000 H=12000 
(Delivery to the USA)
Scrubber DN6000 - DN5000 
(Delivery to Denmark)
Inside of Scrubber DN4000 delivery to Sweden Scrubber from inside