Underground storage tanks

Underground reservoirs for storage of liquids and waste waters, septic tanks

Septic tank of glass reinforced plastic is tank, which consists of three chambers for municipal wastewater treatment. Treatment type is anaerobic (without air). In the first chamber the wastewater is settled and there are forming solid sediments. In the second and third chamber wastewater treatment is performed by help of microorganisms. Wastewaters, which come out of septic tank, are cleaned up to 60-70%, thereby it is required to transfer this water in drainage well or infiltration field, where final treatment of waste waters takes place.
In places, where better waste water treatment is required, we offer biologic treatment plants, where waste waters are cleaned up to 96-98%, and can be transferred in nearby water drainage systems. Please see more detailed information on waste water treatment here.

We manufacture fire water tanks of various sizes and volumes. Tanks for pumping stations.

Tanks are manufactured according to individual order, thereby we can adapt to requirements of particular customer.

We invite for cooperation architects and other interested people for implementation of new ideas to be able to use unique features of composite materials more completely.

Septiķis 5m3

Septic tank of 3 chambers 5m3

Sūkņu stacija 

Pumping station

Septiķis 30m3 2

Septic tank of 3 chambers 30m3

1 prn

Septic tanks of 3 chambers,

DN1200 L3300

Rezervuari ar akām

Dilution tanks DN2800

Sūkņu stacija iekspuse

Assemblage of pumping station

2 prn

Waste water reservoirs DN 2800,
L48000, V=220m3 (Latvia)

6 prn

Assemblage of septic tank of

3 chambers V=3m3 (Latvia)

8 prn

Fire fighting reservoir V-100m3