Ventspils - Andren Ltd.

Valmiera-Andren Ltd. subsidiary company Ventspils-Andren Ltd. began operations in late 2009 and is one of the newest plants in Ventspils Free Port Industrial area. Using ice-free port of Ventspils with the possibility of large-gauge craft Ventspils-Andren Ltd. can easily deliver large complex structures (up to DN 8000) and other fiberglass industrial facilities all over the world.
Ventspils-Andren Ltd. products as well as products of parent company Valmiera-Andren Ltd. are largely related to environmental protection, as we produce tanks, pipelines and other structures for highly aggressive chemicals. We produce flue gas scrubbers, which are intended for the protection of the atmosphere and the greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
Ventspils-Andrena Ltd. products manufacturing is dominated by a cylindrical winding and our equipment allows the production of pipes from DN 25 to DN 8000. Equipment for manufacturing large and not intended to be transported products can be fitted directly to the customer’s site.
Our staff has done a lot of equipment manufacture and installation in Sweden, Finland and other EU countries, as well as the successful cooperation has been established with the Russian partners.
Ours and our partner designers’ experience enables to produce complex structures under a wide range of standards, such as the PLN -83 (Sweden), DIN (Germany), BS -4994 (Great Britain), ASME RTP -1-2000 (USA). Product calculations and drawings are often controlled by international inspection companies such as CA (Sweden), TUV (Germany).
If you need a safe and guaranteed storage for chemicals, call our office and we will help you to ensure the required.
Let’s maintain a clean environment for us and our children together with Ventspils Andren Ltd.!